MeatMan Article in Fargo Forum

Dave Holtgard of Fargo has been tailgating at Bison football games for five years now. And through it all, whatever Holtgard has decided to put on his grill has always been popular.

Take for example the tenderloin tails that he grilled up recently. For 24 hours, he soaks the pieces of tenderloin (ones that aren't sold as a roast) in the "Meat Man" marinade that is made in Williston, ND.

"I just put them on the grill and I've never had any complaints," said Holtgard, whose tailgating crew usually includes the parents of Bison football players R.J. Urzendowski and Easton Stick.

Holtgard has cooked up bratwursts, hamburger sliders and chicken tortilla soup before. On this particular day while he was grilling his tenderloin tails...