Bonnie's BBQ Sauce


Bonnie's BBQ Sauce



This is the sauce that started it all. The full-flavored taste of the Original BBQ Sauce has brought years of mouthwatering enjoyment to Bonnie’s family and friends for years. Enhance any meal with this unique and tangy sauce that brings a little country home. Available in a 14 oz. jar. 


Savor the summer months all year round with Bonnie’s Country Classic Fruity BBQ Sauce. This tasty sauce adds barbecue zeal to fresh fruit, creating a flavor that your mouth will treasure. Perfect when used as a glaze on salmon, and even better spread over grilled chicken or pork. Available in a 14 oz. jar.

Tex Mex

Saddle-Up to the zesty taste of Bonnie’s Country Classic TexMex BBQ Sauce. See what a little spice and a whole lot of southern hospitality add to your favorite meal.  Use as a dipping sauce for chicken strips or seduce your friends with ribs that make them beg for more! Available in a 14 oz jar.

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Two classic flavors together at last! From the years when summer evenings meant grilling competitions in backyards comes the taste of Bonnie’s Country Classic Mustard BBQ Sauce. Mustard warms the already unique BBQ sauce last and will make pork chops on the grill a memorable and lasting experience. Available in a 14 oz. jar. 

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