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DeMars Foods began with MeatMan’s Marinades that were developed at our full service meat market. Our marinated meats were favorites of the western North Dakota locals.  MeatMan's now include marinades, dry rubs, an Irish mustard, and Chef Hooks.

MeatMan’s Marinade

MeatMan’s Marinade blends the perfect ingredients so you can quickly and easily prepare the perfect entree. The marinades also pair very well with wild game. It even seconds as a great dipping sauce.  MeatMan’s marinated meats bring customers coming back for more!  Choose the marinade that was developed specifically for beef, pork or chicken. Available in a 14 oz. jar. 

Price: $6.50 each
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MeatMan’s Irish Mustard

MeatMan’s Irish mustard has a sweet taste with a lingering after bite that makes pretzels, brats, hot dogs, and even potato salad something special! MeatMan’s Irish Mustard is a great glaze for grilled chicken. It’s an authentic Irish family recipe shared by the O’Briens. Available in 11 oz. bottle.

Price: $6.50 each
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MeatMan’s Dry Rubs

Apple, Hickory and ‘Charged’ Hickory dry rubs enhance ribs, drummies, steaks, salmon, and chicken. Lots of flavor with none of the finger licking mess!  Each can will do approximately 10#, less on ribs, more on chicken. All rubs are made with smoked sea salt. Available in 3.5 oz. tin.

Price: $8.50 each
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Patented Chef Hooks

DeMars Foods sell the Original Chef Hooks that make turning foods on the grill or range quick and easy.  The Patented Chef Hooks will even clean your grill and move your oven rack! Your perfectly done steak, chicken breast, or brat won’t end on the coals!!  

$30.00 a pair -one large and one small


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